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I love this series. I absolutely adore it. However, I still had major reservations on whether Brandon Sanderson would be able to pull off finishing the trilogy as well as he started it. The good news is that I think Calamity is a brilliant novel and is just as good if not better then the two novels (Steelheart & Firefight) before it.

I've gushed about it before but that cast of characters that Sanderson put forth in this trilogy is astounding. The way in which Sanderson has grown each of the Reckoners while still maintaining a fun youthful feel is incredible. Throughout Calamity I was kept engaged and at times fascinated as to where the story was going to go. I had my guesses but like the two and half novels before it, I found the conclusion of Calamity to be both satisfying and leaving me just enough that I would love it if one day Sanderson comes back for more.

I cannot say enough good stuff about Calamity. It's one of the rare novels that I can say I unequivocally loved. I've said it before but these novels made me feel like a kid again dreaming of one day being a super hero. In a world where Marvel and DC are making things darker and grittier, the Reckoners are here with terrible jokes and some of the best worst metaphors I've ever encountered. I mean seriously Sanderson probably spent more time trying to think of bad metaphors then he did writing these books.

Calamity is a great book, but the trilogy is one that I will hold with me for a long time. I really do hope that at some point Sanderson revisits this cast of characters because this is a truly special creation. 

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