Morning Star
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I'm sad to be writing this review, because it means I've reached the end of the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown. I started these books towards the latter half of 2016 with Red Rising, and then reading Golden Son while traveling through Europe last fall. These are books that I absolutely adored even if I thought the first book had its handful of issues.

Coming into any final novel, there's always that fear of whether or not an author can bring it together in a satisfying conclusion. I'd say for the most part Pierce Brown was able to do so with Morning Star. It's a book that starts off incredibly strong with a huge twist that I really didn't see coming. Much like the previous two books much of the first quarter of Morning Star had my attention. Sadly when that first big twist works its way out the book meanders, almost afraid to get to the finish line. 

And yet grudgingly it finally got to the final crescendo where all of the pieces finally fell into place and it all combined into what I thought was a very satisfying and enjoyable ending. It had some genuine surprises and yet left me feeling like the entire journey was worth every page. Although the last book wasn't near as good as the second, I love the world that Pierce Brown created and its one that will stick with me for a long, long time.

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