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This almost never happens but I went into Stardust expecting not to like it and came out loving it. I've read one other Neil Gaiman novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane and really didn't enjoy it. Stardust seemed to be in a similar vein and yet I literally fell in love with the story of Stardust and the world in which Neil Gaiman presented.

I purchased the "Gift Edition" of the Stardust audiobook which is read by Neil Gaiman himself. Usually, when an author reads his own novel it ends in disaster but Gaiman has an incredible narration and worked perfectly for the tone and pace of Stardust. What was nice about the Gift Edition is that you learn more about how Gaiman came up with the idea for Wall (the setting for the book) and the general story. It added a little extra lore and love to the story that I really appreciated.

For me, though Stardust is a great novel not because it redefines a fairy tale because it does such an incredible job of making great story. Stardust follows Tristran Thorn a young boy who after seeing a falling star with the love of his life goes on adventure to capture the star to bring it back to her to then marry her. The adventure is blissful, it's easy, its just fun. There's, of course, twists and turns along the way but those don't really matter. What I loved about Stardust is its simplicity. It's just a fun easy read and a great story that I could see myself coming back to.

I loved Stardust. I don't know if I want to watch the movie because I loved the book so much. Stardust is a book that hit me at the right time and is one that I know I will be thinking about for many years to come. 

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