We're All Damaged
This review originally appeared on WorldOfJoel.com

It took me a long time to finally finish We're All Damaged. It happens every once in a while that a book just doesn't connect with me. I started We're All Damaged as my book to read before bed and sadly for that category you have to be pretty great to keep my attention. 

Two weeks ago I decided to stop lingering and actually pushed through. We're All Damaged follows Andy Carter who coming off of a divorce where his wife cheated on him isn't in a good place. He's moved from Omaha to New York City to start over and that's not going well. When he hears about his Grandfather's failing health he goes back to Omaha and has to confront everything he ran away from.

If that didn't sound cliche enough (should have been my warning to not read this book), the rest of the novel doesn't get any better. First off the writing is really bad. The way in which Matthew Norman writes for the female characters is downright laughable. The characters all sound like they were written from a male perspective. About half way through the book Andy Carter meets Daisy and that whole relationship/story/dialogue is a train wreck. I actually audibly laughed/scoffed more times than I care to even count. 

I'm not sure why I finished We're All Damaged. I probably should have given up on it long ago. There was nothing redeeming about this book. None of the characters really have a beginning, middle or end. They are just there. And in some cases that can work but this is a book that's written like a middle of the road romantic comedy, and ends up being a really bad one. 

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